Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator

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In Just 5 Days You’ll Know Exactly
How to Attract Affiliates to Sell Your Products

Get Answers to These Questions – Fast

  • Where to find top affiliates for your market and your product
  • How to approach them – what to say and how not to turn them off
  • How much to pay them – and creative ways to keep money in your pocket while keeping affiliates happy
  • How to get them excited about selling your product
  • How to keep them promoting you month after month
  • The biggest mistakes that cause affiliate programs to fail and how to avoid them
  • How to “one up” your competition in a tough market
  • Tools and resources that make affiliates giddy with excitement about promoting you
  • Zero cost and low cost ways to pay affiliates more without hurting your bottom line

Don’t Waste Your One Shot With Affiliates
Because You Tried to Figure This Out On Your Own

First impressions are everything.

If you try to “fake it” with affiliates you’ll burn your chances with them. Forever.

Look – if you’re serious about your business – then invest in your business.

And in as little as 5 days you’ll know what to do, how to do it, and what tools to use.

If You Want a Step by Step System For
Selling Your Product Through Affiliates – This Is It

I took everything that I know about selling through affiliates and put it into the Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator program so you can learn at your own pace.

This is the most complete and easy to follow guide for selling through affiliates in existence. And I back this up with an unconditional guarantee that you’ll see spelled out below, but first I want to show you what I’ve put together for you.

Day 1: Getting Started Right

Before you even consider signing up your first affiliate you need to make some critical decisions about your program and protect yourself from some pitfalls that you can avoid when I show you how:

  • Do you pay the first affiliate to send a visitor or the last?
  • Do you pay for the lifetime of the buyer, for just the first sale, or somewhere in between?
  • What are the pros and cons of different types of tracking?
  • Do you open up enrollment to anyone to join or keep your program private?
  • Do you automatically approve affiliates or do it manually?
  • Do you want multiple tiers where affiliates can get paid for bringing you more affiliates? What are the pros and cons?
  • How do you avoid your affiliates competing with you or promoting you in ways that don’t put you in a positive light?

Day 2: Finding Affiliates and Competitors with Free Tools

Don’t waste your time announcing your program to generic affiliate directories… affiliates don’t look there.

  • I’ll show you a slick but easy way to quickly find some of the best influencers to approach that are relevant to you.
  • The 5 minute drill for downloading these top affiliate prospects.
  • How to score the list to find the “low hanging fruit” – the best influencers to approach
  • Sneaky ways to spy on your competition and reverse engineer what they’re doing… and then do it better.
  • More creative ways to find affiliates – all free resources that I show you how to use
  • The lazy marketer’s approach – how to leverage your existing traffic creatively and effectively

Day 3: The Formula for Getting More Affiliates to Say “Yes” to Promoting You

  • My R+M+MI-A-F formula explained in detail – this is the key to getting affiliates to say yes
  • Getting rejected? I’ll show you why and how to avoid it from happening again
  • EPC – how it’s calculated and why it’s critical for some affiliates to consider promoting you
  • Little known factors that can make the difference between “no” and “yes” when an affiliate is evaluating your offers

Day 4: Promotional Tools That Wow Affiliates

  • Already have an “affiliates only” resource page? You’re probably making a big mistake keeping it private and I’ll show you why.
  • Examples of top affiliate invite pages
  • Copy and paste emails affiliates will love and the one single most important element your emails need to accomplish
  • Sub id tracking and tracking pixel for super affiliates
  • A drop dead simple tool your top partners will thank you for
  • How 15 minutes and one extra image could increase your sales dramatically

Day 5: Contacting Affiliates so They Pay Attention and Are Open to Your Offer

  • Offline shortcuts I’ve used
  • Online methods that can be more effective than email or used with email
  • Creative uses for video that grab attention
  • Direct mail tactics that work

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Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator Is
9 Years of My Marketing Experience Compressed Into a Crash Course

My name is Jack Born. I’ve created the Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator program to give you access to my experience and knowledge.

You may be wondering who I am and do I know anything about affiliate marketing. With that in mind, here are just a few of my accomplishments:

  • I’m the ONLY marketer endorsed by the creator of iDev Affiliate.
  • I’ve been the affiliate manager for the top Adwords authority and best selling author Perry Marshall.
  • I redesigned the affiliate marketing promotions for the Andrew Lock, marketing expert seen on the top internet television show.
  • I’ve spoken at internet marketing events across the United States including events for Glazer Kennedy and Perry Marshall.
  • I overhauled the affiliate program for an Inc 500 company.

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Have you ever been frustrated that you purchased a training course and the information you need is buried deep inside an hour long video – and you just don’t want to wait for the entire video to load? And who has the patience to sit through an entire hour to find the 1 or 2 nuggets you REALLY want.

I’ve felt that way too – which is why I created a delivery platform designed to deliver the answer you need as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is this: even if you’re in a rush and you have no intention of going through the ENTIRE program you’ll still get the answers you need quickly.

Get Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator

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As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to over 8 hours of the most complete training on how to sell through affiliates. The delivery platform was hand built by me to let you quickly access the critical information you need rapidly – no more waiting for a long video to download or wondering where the best nuggets of information are hidden – you can skip right to the answer you need.

You’ll get worksheets I’ve shared only with private clients up until now.

Go through all of it and use it for 30 days and if you decide for any reason that you’re not thrilled with the quality of the information or you aren’t happy for any reason just send me an email and ask for your money back and you’ll get a prompt refund.

It’s that simple.

Get Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator

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